Design Your Own Personalized Photo Candle Glass with the text of Your Choosing to create a very Memorable keepsake.

Yes, you are the designer of this very special gift or keepsake to commemorate ANY special occasion or no occasion at all.  We offer multiple designs...large 5x7 picture to collages 4, 6,8, up to 12 pictures.  All can be personalized with the text of your choosing.  If you  are looking for a memorial photo candle, we offer the traditional white background as well as several stock backgrounds, or you can even personalize it further with a special personal background of your choosing...YOU decide.  Let us help you create the Best Personalized Photo Candle that will allow you to burn standard candles in a 3.25" x 7.5" tall Candle GLASS that will last a lifetime.  Yes, you can burn candles endlessly without damaging your pictures!  Why not get the BEST!